Welcome to Willow Partners, LLC

Willow Partners, LLC mission is to develop and maintain quality affordable housing for families and seniors throughout the State of California. Since 1997, Willow Partners has strived to develop multifamily properties that seamlessly blend into their communities. Often enhancing the values of the real estate in the neighborhood while offering safe and affordable homes to our residents. These partnerships with cities and counties throughout the State have earned Willow Partners a reputation for developing quality housing with curb appeal.

Together with an experienced team of general contractors, architects, engineers and property management professionals we oversee a diverse portfolio of over 1,000 apartments units. Each development is designed to meet the unique architectural styles and neighborhood needs of their communities. We believe housing is a basic right and the foundation from which families and communities grow and prosper. Willow Partners approaches every development with a commitment to improving people’s lives by designing and building quality housing.

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